RDS Services, LLC has been managing the Retiree Drug Subsidy (“RDS”) program for plan sponsors since the Medicare Modernization Act was enacted and the RDS program began back in 2005. This is as long as anyone else in the nation.

What Makes RDS Services Special

Our Staff

When you engage with RDS Services, LLC you engage with a team of quality, experienced, and customer service oriented people focused on gaining you the most subsidy possible. Whether you are interested in RDS administrative services or are looking to recoup subsidy through a reopening, our team will shepherd you through the process, making the complex simple for you.

We understand that your time is valuable. Our team will make sure that you stay informed on all aspects of your program, without bogging you down with unnecessary details.


RDS Services, LLC effectively produces more “net” subsidy than our competitors. To date, we’ve secured over 1 billion dollars in subsidy for the clients we have served over the years. Our success stems from our proprietary software and our fair pricing models. Through a collaborative approach with our plan sponsors and consultants, we create a hassle-free experience, avoiding pushy sales tactics and misleading recovery promises.

Visit our Client Testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about working with us.

Data Integrity

Our database systems are uniquely configured to ensure data integrity. Further, our solution is unique in that we create a standalone database for each plan sponsor engagement. This approach eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination of data between plan sponsors.