At the time of our founding in 2005, the statute that created the Retiree Drug Subsidy had less than two years on the books. As with all new government programs, there was a high degree of uncertainty among the plan sponsors who would qualify to use the program. With billions of dollars in the balance, many plan sponsors questioned the effectiveness of the program to fulfill the promise of the legislation. Our founder, however, recognized the need for plan sponsors to have the program yield the highest potential subsidy. Maximizing the programs reimbursement to retiree plan sponsors was essential for the millions of retirees who would depend on the success of the program.

With the vision and intent of congress to create and support the fulfillment of the legislation, our company’s employees endeavor every day to help plan sponsors fulfill the promise of the Retiree Drug Subsidy program. There are millions of retiree’s who depend of the programs support of their prescription drug benefits. We meet the administrative and operational implementation challenges faced by the plan sponsors who provide the retiree prescription drug benefits. RDS Services, LLC realizes the original vision of the legislation through innovative solutions based on proprietary analyst systems that are unmatched by any competitor. We achieve substantial subsidy recoveries that equal 100% of all eligible subsidy by holding a plan sponsors vendors accountable for their billing and creating a culture of excellence among all plan sponsor support services.