Client Testimonials

The RDS Servicess, LLC team takes great pride in our service and dedication to our clients. See what some of our clients have to say about us.



RDS Services has been a valued partner of HORIZON Health Ventures and our clients since 2013. Through their efforts they have helped us realize significant impact for our clients, helping to perpetuate the retiree pharmacy benefit by finding meaningful amounts of money that might otherwise not be recovered. In addition, their professionalism and thoroughness throughout the Reopening process has secured their service as a valued solution within the cost management portfolio of HORIZON Health Ventures and the Advisors that we serve.

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CATHY FAVARA-DAVILA, HR Benefits Administrator

We use the services of RDS Services, LLC to help get us our subsidy. We were doing the reporting ourselves and we did not get all the money that we could have. Once we hired RDS Services it was amazing to see the money that we left on the table when we did it ourselves.

We had a year that we did something incorrect in our filing and received zero subsidy. We tried to do a reopening and still received zero subsidy. We asked RDS Services to do a reopening for us and they were able to get our subsidy for that year.

I would recommend RDS Services to anyone who needs them. They will get you the most subsidy for your organization that they can.

Planned Strategies


We began working with RDS Services in 2013 and this partnership has been nothing but a great experience. We immediately recognized that incredible value could be brought to our clients who were filing for retiree drug subsidies. Most of them were not aware that the regulations allowed them to audit or reopen previous years of subsidies, affording them the ability to validate the process, and assure their plan had received every dollar of subsidy that they were entitled to. Through this easy process, our clients were able to recoup substantial monies they were entitled to and did not even realize they were missing.
By offering the audit service, our organization has been able to parlay this positive experience with our clients into discussions regarding other expanded offerings. Due to the success of this product, we have been asked by clients to get involved with additional value-added lines of business, fostering an environment of collaboration between ourselves and our clients. The foundation of this successful program demonstrates to our clients we take pride in our service to them, and their satisfaction in the products we offer.
Since beginning to work with RDS Services, we have had nothing but great feedback. Everyone at RDS is a pleasure to work with and has put forth a concerted effort to make sure every one of our clients, both big and small, has the same experience and is able to attain every possible subsidy dollar that they were entitled to.