There is a growing fear within retiree populations that the benefits promised to them by their plan sponsor will either be reduced or will not last their lifetime. It’s easy to see why. Retiree legacy liabilities have been underestimated and therefore often left underfunded. Retiree prescription drugs have contributed significantly to this number.

Real Solutions for Retiree Legacy Programs

Over the last decade, plan sponsors have struggled through the maze of complicated plan options, including EGWP plans, Medicare MAPD plans, and Medicare supplemental plans (aka Medigap plans) – trying to find cost-effective solutions.

The RDS Services team has been right there, helping plan sponsors preserve valuable benefits while lowering overall costs by:

  • Navigating through very complicated Medicare plan markets.
  • Comparing and contrasting EGWP solutions, Medicare MAPD plans, and Medigap solutions to Retiree Drug Subsidy.
  • Working with clients and brokers to identify impactful plan and subsidy solutions that extend promised benefits.

Experience You Can Trust

RDS Services has been leading plan sponsors since the inception of these programs, extending our reach to a national level. Our team of experts at RDS Services has a wealth of experience with financial analytics and crafting new plan solutions.

We help by:

  • Identifying and presenting you with a full range of options that apply to your unique situation.
  • Creating a customized Strategic Plan of Action to address the many scenarios applicable to you.

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