Labor Unions/ Taft-Hartley Funds

Retirees depend on the benefits they’ve worked a lifetime to earn, and as benefit costs have risen, providing what they’ve earned has become more challenging. RDS Services works with Labor Unions and Taft-Hartley Funds across the country to ensure those benefit promises are protected. We work with you and your third-party administrators, manage your RDS Program end to end, and maximize your subsidy dollars without increasing your workload.

Corporate/Private Industry

Companies of all sizes know that their retirees count on them to ensure that the benefits they were promised will always be there. As you devise reasonable changes in benefit options, you also need to stay competitive in the marketplace. Companies can be assured that when hiring RDS Services as a trusted partner, the RDS Program requirements will be managed, and internal staff can remain focused on their own jobs. Our services will provide subsidy maximization, which will help you maintain the best benefits for your retirees.

Municipal/Public Sector/Non-Profit

Retiree health benefit coverage that is part of a union contract cannot be arbitrarily modified. Thus organizations, municipalities (city, county, township, state), unionized public sector companies, non-profits, hospitals, schools and universities rely on the increased cash flow from the RDS Program subsidy to assist with their financial obligations. With budget and staff cuts, managing the RDS Program is even more of a burden today. RDS Services works with all these types of organizations to maximize subsidy dollars so they can continue to preserve union contract commitments.