Client: Large Midwest Manufacturer

The Challenge

The client, a large Midwest manufacturer, provides health care benefits to over 8,000 Medicare eligible retirees. They intend to maintain the benefit promises, but were concerned about rising costs and the long-term stability of the program.

Solution Part 1

RDS Services, LLC and the client worked together to re-open prior year RDS applications. The goal was to recoup subsidy, therefore building program stability that allows the client to maintain retiree benefit promises.

$2.6 Million

Subsidy increase
realized over 4 years

872 Retirees

On average identified as
additionally eligible for
each plan year reviewed

Solution Part 2

The client contracted RDS Services, LLC to provide ongoing management and oversight to their RDS Program. Because RDS Services, LLC had the tools and knowledge to manage the client’s RDS program, the ongoing administration and aggregation support would ensure that the client continued to receive the maximum subsidy available to them.

16% Increase

On average in RDS
Program subsidy over a
2 year period.


Average subsidy
increase per retiree
(from $549 to $639 annually)