If your organization received an underfunding notice from RDS Services, LLC, this is great news for your organization!

That’s because RDS Services, LLC has identified a potential and additional Retiree Drug Subsidy recovery due your organization. Moreover, now you are aware of the fact that you can potentially recover additional subsidy dollars that are due your organization.

Because an organization has been identified by RDS Services, LLC as having a high probability of being eligible for additional subsidy payments, this is only part of the story. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in conjunction with the RDS Service Center will not, however, notify an organization of the possible shortage. That’s because they rely on the submitted data as being accurate. If there is a shortage, that’s on you!

Fortunately, RDS Services, LLC is the preeminent firm in the nation that performs Retiree Drug Subsidy Reopening for The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services accounts that have received subsidy payments in past four years. RDS Services, LLC reviews every Retiree Drug Subsidy account for the possibility of an additional RDS recovery.

RDS Services, LLC has years of reopening data and experience with major State, Municipal, large enterprise and Union accounts that has allowed us to develop a benchmarking system that can identify high probability Retiree Drug Subsidy accounts that could recover additional subsidy payments due to improved reporting data.

No other firm has our system, but will often howl at the moon because they cannot do what we can do. Its money you can recover and is due any plan sponsor. But if you want to recover the additional funds, you must take action. Moreover, if any firm attempts to convince you not to take advantage of this possibility, you would have to question their reasons.

Reopening an account if you were underfunded just makes sense. So the notice from RDS Services, LLC gives you a conservative and realistic forecast of the possible additional recovery that your firm can expect.

You may be thinking, why rock the boat! If a plan sponsor submits for the additional subsidy, that plan sponsor may be subject to an audit?

In fact, there are some small firms that claim they conduct reopening and will try to convince you that if you leave it alone, you won’t get audited. That assumption is simply not true and in fact, is a misrepresentation of the statute! The portion of the Medicare Act of 2003 that created the Retiree Drug Subsidy specifically allows The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service to audit any account and any time if feels it is warranted.

The fact is that having a third party like RDS Services, LLC conduct a reopening will provide an independent review that will provide support for your Retiree Drug Subsidy submission. In other words, it will be helpful!

Any firm that states otherwise is just dead wrong!

To find out more about the reopening process and get started on your organization recovery, call our national sales manager:
George Fox at 516-361-9404.